Tips and Tricks For Traveling Thousands of Miles with Three Kids and a Pandemic

Should we go? Should we stay home? There was so much planning leading up to this point. We traditionally travel every summer for about a month; sometimes longer, through the national and state parks across the U.S. We had looked forward to this moment for a year. Traveling west is our jam. We've been all... Continue Reading →

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Hello! It’s so great to meet you!

Hi! My name is Shelley! I'm so glad we crossed paths! I am a wife, mom, first grade teacher, triathlete, and blogger! My husband Marc is a high school science teacher, and we have three beautiful children who keep us young and busy! We share a love for doing things together as a family; exploring... Continue Reading →

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Unforgettable Month Long Road Trip Itinerary Through 9 National Parks and More With Kids

Crisp mountain air, rock formations, soaring alpine forests, colorful deserts, pristine coastlines, and miles and miles of smiles. This was an epic road trip that we did with our family in 2017. With both of us being teachers, we have the freedom to travel for long periods of time in the summer months. If you... Continue Reading →

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Best Wall Decor For a Kid’s Room: Wall of Memories

Have you been wondering how to put to good use a wall in your child's...or even your own room? Why not create a Wall of Memories? This idea initially came to me after going through a few memory books with my kids...road trips we had been on and photo albums highlighting special moments in their... Continue Reading →

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Why I Decided That Road Tripping With Kids Was the Best Decision Of My Life

An excerpt from my page, One Week National Park Road Trip From Vegas to Chicago: Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches, and Rocky Mountain All Good Things Must Come To An End…Or Do They? When we arrived back at home from our first national park road trip in 2016, I was definitely drinking the national park... Continue Reading →

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The Whimsical World of Joshua Tree National Park

Driving into Joshua Tree National Park, you can't help but feel like you have entered into some other world; like that out of a Dr. Seuss book or perhaps you've landed on some planet in a science fiction movie. One of the first features that grabbed our attention was, of course, those TREES! They were... Continue Reading →

Ladders to the Past: Exploring Mesa Verde National Park

What you will experience at Mesa Verde National Park is nothing short of spectacular. This park has some amazing history, and after just one day of exploring, we left in awe at the brilliance of the cliff dwellings we got to witness there. Created by the Ancestral Pueblo people roughly 1,400 years ago, they lived... Continue Reading →

Make the Moments Count: Engaging Toys and Activities to Keep Your Child’s Mind Active

Make every moment you have with your kids count. Doesn't that sound SO easy? I've kept this phrase in my mind since my first baby was born 10 years ago. But wow, if I'm being completely honest, staying true to that is challenging sometimes. After a full day of morning routines, teaching, and then coming... Continue Reading →

Where Mountains and Sand Dunes Collide

Driving into Great Sands Dunes National Park, it's hard to believe the beauty of what you are seeing as you get closer and closer to the landscape. Miles of sand dunes; the tallest in North America, with a sweeping backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It doesn't get more picturesque than this folks. This... Continue Reading →

Creating Special Easter Memories During a Quarantine

If you are like me, you have probably been feeling a little down lately with the thought of not being able to hug and spend time with loved ones during one of the most celebrated times of the year, Easter. Though we can't change what is our current situation, we can make the best of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget to Stop and Take In…the Giraffes! A Two Day Colorado Springs Adventure With Kids!

When we drove into Colorado Springs, we didn't know quite what to expect. This was our VERY first time stepping foot in Colorado as a family. And wow, did this place exceed all my expectations! There is SO much to do here! You could spend days and days here...hiking, exploring, eating, shopping, climbing mountains, taking... Continue Reading →

Express Yourself! Getting Kids to Open Up On Their Own Terms

My girls talk. All. The. Time. Especially in the car. Parents, you feel me? Mostly, it's all sorts of things about school, friends, their Barbies, movies, the normal elementary school stuff. But amidst all that talking, I sometimes wonder how they are doing emotionally in different aspects of their lives when I'm not there to... Continue Reading →

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