Hello! It’s so great to meet you!

Hi! My name is Shelley! I’m so glad we crossed paths! I am a wife, mom, first grade teacher, triathlete, and blogger! My husband Marc is a high school science teacher, and we have three beautiful children who keep us young and busy! We share a love for doing things together as a family; exploring the great outdoors and creating lifelong memories and traditions at home. We currently reside in a suburb of Chicago, and can’t wait to share our next national park road trip with you!

The inspiration for my blog came from all the experiences and memories we have made in the past few years traveling with our kids, especially during the summer months when our road trips can be extended for longer periods of time. I began to see how powerful an impact it is for kids to experience all that comes with traveling, even for short periods of time. I wanted to share this with all of you through our pictures and stories. It is my wish to inspire you to stop dreaming about the trip you’d like to take, and make the leap and do it! If you have kids or not, this blog is meant to showcase all of the beauty that lies within our country and beyond, and highlight not only the “big” things to see, but also the hidden secrets that lie within our destinations. If you have kids, you will see that traveling with them offers endless rewards! The benefits and real life experiences kids reap from traveling is far more valuable than reading about it in any textbook. Along our adventures, you will see real pictures of us …they might not be perfect or instagram-worthy…but they are US…having fun and enjoying life. Our hair won’t be perfect. My kids might be wearing mismatched clothes and socks…or no socks at all! I promise you will see mud and sweat at times. You definitely won’t see me in high heels and a dress hiking to the top of a mountain with the wind blowing my hair oh so perfectly. I will be showcasing REAL life. And the photos you see will be those that YOU can relate to; a picture you could envision you or your own family doing.

And what to do when traveling isn’t possible? Well…make your memories at home, of course! There is SO much we can do as parents to make our kid’s childhood one that makes them feel special and loved. Here, you’ll find quick tips, craft projects, and activities to do during special holidays to last the whole year long, coming from an experienced first grade teacher!

This blog was created for those looking for family adventures on the road AND at home! My hope is that you keep coming back to visit again and again as we share new adventures and activities with you! Come travel with us!

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