Creating Special Easter Memories During a Quarantine

If you are like me, you have probably been feeling a little down lately with the thought of not being able to hug and spend time with loved ones during one of the most celebrated times of the year, Easter. Though we can’t change what is our current situation, we can make the best of it, for our kids, for our families, and for our own well being and mental health. Instead of focusing on what you CAN’T DO, focus on what YOU CAN DO! Here are some ideas for creating memories within your home for those of you with and without kids, with ideas for also spreading positive vibes within your community. 

*Count Your Blessings and Write Them on Eggs: Though these are dark times, you have to find it in yourself to focus on the good, no matter how down you may feel or what your current situation is. Count your blessings! Everyone is blessed in more ways than one. Maybe you are blessed that you have a place to call home, that you can put food on the table, that your health is stable, or that you are able to work from home. Maybe you are blessed that you were given the ability by God to help others in a desperate time of need despite the risks, that you are able to take a breath of fresh air once in while, or that you have your immediate family to snuggle with each night. Whatever your blessings, count them and be thankful. Write each one on an egg made out of construction paper and post it in your window for all to see, or draw them with chalk outside. Or, use real eggs. Use a white or wax crayon to write your blessings on the egg, and then drop them in the dye to reveal your message! You can even do this as a fun family activity and have a family member dye your egg to reveal your secret message!

*Put baskets on a porch for those in need: In celebration of the season of sacrifice and giving, think of someone you know or in your neighborhood who could use some positive vibes, or who has a real need. Think of their need. Put essentials that are specific to that person in a basket and drop it off on their porch. For example, if you live near an elderly person and you know they cannot shop for themselves, put a gallon of milk, some eggs, and some fresh fruit in a basket for them. Or maybe you have a friend who is short on other supplies like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or gloves. 

*Write Easter/good vibes cards for your neighbors/friends. Everyone loves homemade cards. Write a special message, make them colorful, and drop them off anywhere you feel someone would benefit. The little things make a big impact. How about giving some to essential workers?

* Stick with your Easter traditions as much as you can. Just because you won’t have extended family over doesn’t mean you have to forgo traditions you usually do with your family. Make that special breakfast you always do! The Easter Bunny…should come! Hunt for eggs! Do you usually have a special dinner/brunch? Do it! Try to include as many things as you can that depict your usual food traditions! Do you eat out for breakfast/lunch on Easter morning? Make a menu with your kids and turn your kitchen into the restaurant you usually eat at! Use stuffed animals to include all of your guests and put name tags at their places. Think of those who don’t have kids or are alone on Easter. Include them for a Zoom breakfast/brunch/dinner, and eat together virtually! Go around to everyone involved and give a reason why you are still blessed for this time of year. Did you have a special Easter outfit planned? Wear it! Take pictures, too! If you have kids, this is an especially sensitive time. So many things have changed for them, and as parents, we need to do everything we can to make this day special. 

*Sing and dance to silly Easter/spring songs. If you have little ones, or even if you don’t, singing and dancing makes everyone feel good! Do a YouTube search for spring songs and dances! Dance in your kitchen, or somewhere where you wouldn’t normally dance. Maybe in your bathroom, lol! You’ll be sure to get lots of giggles! And I promise, your kids will remember the time you danced in your bathroom for years to come!

*Do a spring/Easter craft. Or ten. I mean, the Pinterest ideas are blowing up right now with all the parents homeschooling their kids. Do a search! You are sure to come up with tons of ideas to last you ALL of April! You don’t have kids? You can do a DIY project for spring! Make a wreath for your door perhaps, or maybe make some homemade soap or bath bombs! OR…make a kid project for a family member or neighborhood kid to use as a model and send it to them with directions and supplies! If you need an idea, my own kids and my school kids love directed drawings. You can do a quick Pinterest search on a topic (like bunny, flower, dog) and add the term “directed drawing” (bunny directed drawing) and you will always get a bunch of ideas. Last year, we did this bunny one, and it turned out so cute.

I am trying to find the directions for this bunny, but in the meantime, this bunny is adorable, too!

If you use Facebook, there are two groups that I have enjoyed that give great ideas for doing crafts with kids all year long! One is called The Best Kids Crafts & Activities. The other is Arty Crafty Inspiration For Kids.

*Make bunny pancakes and dye those eggs! I mean, why not? No kids? Who cares! Make them anyway! Doing things out of the ordinary makes everyone feel good, no matter your age! We have done this super simple rendition of bunny pancakes many times, because even though we have girls (our baby boy is too young to appreciate this yet), just the word “butt” is hilarious. And you are definitively winning as a mom/dad if you have boys. Here they are! Bunny Butt Pancakes…

*Take a walk/bike ride on Easter and get some fresh air, or any other time! Getting some fresh air is good for anyone. As you walk, think about how blessed you are that you are able to do so and appreciate everything you see around you! And always focus on the good…remember that this time WILL pass, even if it seems right now like it won’t. Give yourself a hug that you are getting through it the best way you know how!

Above all, no matter what you plan to do for the Easter season, take some time to reflect on what you DO have. Easter may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to forget about it entirely. Try to improvise and think of creative ways to see loved ones virtually, or through a drive by. And remember…it IS temporary. And you can always do a DO OVER when it passes! Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Stay healthy and happy! 

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