Tips and Tricks For Traveling Thousands of Miles with Three Kids and a Pandemic

Should we go? Should we stay home? There was so much planning leading up to this point. We traditionally travel every summer for about a month; sometimes longer, through the national and state parks across the U.S. We had looked forward to this moment for a year. Traveling west is our jam. We've been all... Continue Reading →

Make the Moments Count: Engaging Toys and Activities to Keep Your Child’s Mind Active

Make every moment you have with your kids count. Doesn't that sound SO easy? I've kept this phrase in my mind since my first baby was born 10 years ago. But wow, if I'm being completely honest, staying true to that is challenging sometimes. After a full day of morning routines, teaching, and then coming... Continue Reading →

Creating Special Easter Memories During a Quarantine

If you are like me, you have probably been feeling a little down lately with the thought of not being able to hug and spend time with loved ones during one of the most celebrated times of the year, Easter. Though we can't change what is our current situation, we can make the best of... Continue Reading →

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