7 Magical St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Kids

Are you looking for things to do with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day? Try these simple, yet fun activities to make your kid’s day extra special all day long!

Magical Breakfast

☘️Make rainbow homemade waffles or pancakes. You don’t have to go and find some fancy recipe…use the box recipe or whatever you normally do! Kids will love the surprise of homemade waffles simply because it’s an out of the ordinary thing! We use the Kodiak brand for our waffles and pancakes. Simply make the batter and separate it into bowls. Add food coloring to each one. Then pour a little of each color all around the waffle maker or in the pan for a pancake. I wanted to make the waffle actually look like a rainbow, but then I had the kids help me and that idea went out the window, lol! They wanted to do “swirls” instead! Need food coloring? We use the Wilton Gel-Based Food Colors instead of the traditional watery ones. Gels will not change the consistency of your batter, whether that be pancakes, waffles, or cakes. Wilton Gel Food Coloring

Magical Mid-Morning Snack

☘️ Make a leprechaun hat from a green cup to put fun treats in. I found green solo cups that we already had and the kids made the buckle for the hat out of construction paper. We just used treats we had around the house. We mixed popcorn, Lucky Charms, and green and white M@Ms.

Magical Lunch

☘️Shamrock shaped grilled cheese (heart cookie cutter) and dyed green Sprite for lunch (my kids rarely get pop except on special occasions so they loved this).

Magical Evening

☘️ Make green things for dinner. Make anything green you have! We had green beans, broccoli (thankfully my kids eat this), asparagus, green apples, and dyed “leprechaun hat” shaped green pasta (you could also use elbow noodles for “rainbows.” I just put a bit of green food gel in the water as the pasta cooked. The kids LOVED this! You could also add the traditional corned beef and cabbage!
☘️Write “Why We Are Lucky” on shamrocks to tape all around the house for the rest of the month. This was my favorite activity by far and I plan to make this a yearly tradition. I had a cardboard shamrock decoration and just used that as a template to make the shamrocks. The kids cut them out (and daddy, too). Then, we wrote one reason why we are lucky on the shamrocks, and read each one together as a family. We all put our names on the shamrocks and the date. I will keep the shamrocks year to year to display on our window.
☘️Make shamrock brownies for desert. I had a shamrock mold from when I made shamrock soaps last year. The mold came from Michaels.

☘️ End with a video about St. Patrick’s Day! This is the teacher coming out in me, but most kids don’t even know WHY they are celebrating, except that a leprechaun might visit their house (one does not come here, lol). Check out this short video with your kids to learn why you celebrated!

This year, we did more festive activities because St. Patrick’s Day fell on a day the kids did not have school (teacher institute). But remember…do you have to do ALL these things? Absolutely not! It’s really the thought that counts, so even if you do just one, your kids will be excited! It shows that you are thinking of them and you want them to experience the things that make being a kid fun!

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